Our Philosophy

Bid2Travel.com is based on the philosophy–

"A room vacant for a night is revenue lost forever"

We all are aware that every hotel/property has a limited room inventory, so the revenue loss of today’s vacant room can not be compensated or made up for in the future. The break even cost varies from property to property, but the major cost is the fixed cost (which is immaterial whether it sells 10 or 50 rooms per night), for example permanent staff, receptionist, manager, air conditioning, security, electricity etc.

Therefore, it is pragmatic to sell those vacant rooms at a discounted price rather than keeping them vacant. The standard mantra in the accommodation industry is that a room left vacant overnight can never be sold; thus many operators prefer to sell at a last minute reduced rate than leave the room unoccupied. Hence, the amalgamation of all the above factors and business oriented thinking led to engenderment of Bid2travel.com.

At B2T, we aim at increasing the hotels’ accommodation yield by offering quality rooms at economical prices. Considering the modest budget of potential customers, we find rates that are acceptable by both the parties – hotels with less than desired occupancy and the economical deal seeking customer.