How Bidding Works
Bid2travel bidding process on hotel rooms explained...
We have tried to keep our bidding process as simple and as short as possible.
We are absolutely different from the other auction processes!

Here, you don’t bid against other customers, but bid directly to a hotel. The bid is valid and open for three hours, if the bid is accepted, you will receive the confirmation on the same day only.

Please follow the below instructions:

1.Choose your destination city, date, no. of room required and click on the "Search " button.

2.Check the hotels and their facilities on this page.

3.Then click on “Bid Now” to proceed for bidding on your favourite hotel.

A bidding screen will appear now. If this is your first visit to us, please register yourself by clicking on "Register now". If you are already registered, pls. click on "log-in".
The bidding screen will appear now.
Click on the days on which you want the stay.

The screen will display the days you requested in "MakeYour Bid" section.
Enter the amount you wish to pay (Bid)

Submit your bid amount, personal and credit card detail.
Then press "Pay Securily Now" to submit your bid.

  • Your credit card will be processed only by once your bid is accepted.
  • The individual properties will not have any access to your credit card.
  • The bid will be open for three hours.
  • An email confirmation will be sent to you as soon as a bid is accepted.
  • Your booking will then be confirmed.