Bidding Tips

This section is developed to explain our customers that how they can make the maximum saving by using the online travel bidding concept of!

  1. Shall I check the prices of other online sites?
  2. What shall I consider while bidding?
  3. How to decide lowest possible bid amount?
  4. Is there any bid winning formula?
  5. What to do if my bid is accepted or not accepted?

1. Shall I check the prices of other online sites?
  • Yes, our best tip for bidding on hotel rooms is to do your research first. Look for the best current prices on your favorite travel site which list prices for specific (named) hotels. Be sure to check these prices for the same date you intend to bid on Bid2Travel.
  • Please make sure to check the hotel price with the same star quality, dates in the same city/locality where you wish to stay.
  • Checking the lowest possible rates available on online travel sites will avoid the chances of overbidding on Bid2travel website.

2. What shall I consider before placing my bid?
  • Keep in mind the days of the week you want to book.
  • Hotels in business cities offer lowest rates and big discounts on weekends and in holiday‚Äôs seasons except during special event like Exhibitions and trade fairs etc.
  • Because weekend rates are usually priced 25 - 50% off regular rates, do not base your bid on a Wednesday rate if you are actually arriving on Friday.
  • Please remember that Weekends prices are higher in places like Hill stations, drivable weekend destinations and leisure destinations.
  • Of course hotels and resorts in hill stations offer big discounts during off-seasons.

3. How to decide the lowest possible bid amount?

  • The best way to avoid overbidding on Bid2Travel is to check prices on your favorite travel site just before you bid on Bid2Travel.
  • Bid2Travel and online travel site are selling similar hotels. However, on Bid2Travel you decide your own price and bid for the same which gives you 100% satisfaction of lowest price every time.
  • You can call call center before bidding to check for exclusive or hidden deals which are too low to publish on branded Indian hotels.
4. Is there any bid winning formula?

  • 10% Formula: Submit your bid at least 10% off the rates you found on other online sites, for the same hotel, dates and star rating. This policy will help you avoid overbidding (Again, the exception is that you may need to bid higher during large conventions, special events, or busy seasons).
  • Normally, the majority of successful bids range from 10 to 39% off prices available on discount sites that list price for specific hotels. Bid2Travel believes you should make your bid 10 to 15% off these prices, when you are traveling during a convention or busy season.
5. What to do if my bid is accepted or not accepted?

  • You will be informed in both the cases whether your bid is accepted/decline by the hotels.
  • If your bid is accepted, congratulations! Note your confirmation and take them with you to your hotel. Also, be sure to visit Hotel Check List to help your trip go smoothly.
  • If your bid is NOT accepted, go back and bid again because there is no time or maximum bid limit on

Still have questions about Bid2Travel hotel bidding? Please read our FAQ.