About Us

Bid2Travel is a new kind of travel website. We’re here to empower the travelers with the power of deciding their own price for accommodation in India. Bid2travel is India’s first travel bidding site and offers ridiculously low prices. How we do it? We have a special relationship with major branded Indian hotel chains to help them fill their hotel rooms that would otherwise go unsold. So our customers get these hotel rooms at prices lower than many other travel sites.


Bid2Travel.com a subsidiary of Noble Travels group India is operating from an office in the capital city of India at New Delhi. It was established by the group of experienced young professionals from the field of Tourism, Marketing and I.T. Our aim is to break the myth that booking last minute travel is always expensive. All the members of our team has traveled extensively across the globe and fully aware of the needs and choices of the modern business and leisure travelers.

What makes us unique is the perfect combination of human touch & technology. All bids goes directly to the hotel therefore customer and hotelier interacts directly with each other which ensure the lowest possible price every time.

Our customer service team and call center provide dedicated assistance and advocacy for all our customers.

Why Bid2Travel?

A vacant/Un-sold room in a hotel is revenue lost forever which can’t be retrieved in future by any measure. Most of the hotel has huge fixed cost and that will remain the same whether they are operating on 25% or 95% occupancy level. Therefore it makes sense to sell these unsold rooms at discounted price rather than this perishable inventory go waste.

The complexity, culture, religions, languages and variety is the hallmark of India, which attracts millions of tourists. This country is replete with traditional art; from calligraphic signs to mural paintings and pillar structures, architecture; from vignette stones to monuments, languages; from Malayalam to Kashmiri, literature; from Geetanjali of Rabindra nath Tagore to Vedic epics, music and dance; from folk to classical, philosophy; from rational to spiritual, science; from abstract to the most technical, medicine; Ayurveda, Siddha to music therapy, magic, illusion and such sundry elements of art and culture.

But a lacuna exists between the customers and the hotels! How to interact directly with each other?

Bid2Travel.com successfully bridges this gap and connects the customers and the hoteliers to negotiate through online bidding, where customer can bid for the amount he is willing to spend for the room directly to the hotelier and avail the benefit of bidding (bargain) through Bid2travel.com.

Benefits to Customer
  1. Decide your own price.
  2. Up to 60% saving on hotel rooms.
  3. Confirmation in next 3 hours.
  4. Minimum price and maximum choice
  5. Unlimited bidding possibility