Delhi Overview

Indian fairs and festivals speak of India's rich cultural and traditional background. The colorful festivals are an integral part of the Indian life style. The festivals play a vital role in promoting the tourism of India. Indian festivals attract the Western world during the celebration of important festivals like Onam, Holi, Durga Puja and many more.

The Colorful mosaic of Indian fairs and festivals - as diverse as the geography, is an eternal expression of the spirit of celebration. Observed with enthusiasm and gaiety, festivals are like gems ornamenting the crown of Indian Culture. They are round the year vibrant interludes in the mundane routine of every Indian’s life.

With the arrival of every new season, comes the festivals, each a true celebration of the bounties of the rich traditions followed for time immemorial. Not only this! The Martyrdoms and birthdays of Gods and Goddesses, saints and prophets, great historical happenings and the advent of the New Year, all find their place and valuable expression in colorful festivities. The same festival, though celebrated differently in the different parts of India, exhibits an eternal harmony of the spirit of culture and celebration.

Experience exotic India live like a maharaja in the rich ambiance of royal forts and palaces that are now heritage hotels; luxuriate in the serene beauty of a coral island with its turquoise lagoon; participate in the exuberance of a village fair or a colorful festival of India